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  • Body boarding
    Body boarding
  • Tower Bridge
    Tower Bridge Tower Bridge on the Thames in London at night with the moon. The bridge opens for shipping to go through.
  • May morning Oxford
    May morning Oxford
  • Blarney stone
    Blarney stone
  • Marrakech
  • Jerusalem old city
    Jerusalem old city
  • Tobago
  • China beach Vietnam
    China beach Vietnam
  • Patrol Jerusalem
    Patrol Jerusalem
  • LeManoir Autumn
    LeManoir Autumn
  • Caracus Venezula
    Caracus Venezula
  • Sand dunes Venezula
    Sand dunes Venezula
  • Orphanage Vietnam
    Orphanage Vietnam
  • DMZ Vietnam
    DMZ Vietnam
  • Radcliffe Oxford
    Radcliffe Oxford
  • Times Square
    Times Square A wet winter in Times Square
  • Staten Island Ferry
    Staten Island Ferry
  • Sheldonian Theatre
    Sheldonian Theatre Night event at the Wren building
  • Deer Park
    Deer Park A rutting pair of deer at Magdalen Oxford
  • Lincoln Mem
    Lincoln Mem