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  • Nigel Kennedy
    Nigel Kennedy Nigel Kennedy Violinist
  • Wogan
    Wogan Terry Wogan s first gig since giving up mhis radio show was in Thame Oxon to visit the Book House and sign copies for punters on 9th Sept
  • Greenfield and Money
    Greenfield and Money
  • Winstone
  • President Carter
    President Carter Jimmy Carter personal portrait when he got an Honourary Degree at Oxford University June 20th 2007 Part of University Day -Encaenia-
  • Archivist 1
    Archivist 1
  • Gordon Brown
    Gordon Brown The future leader a portrait
  • Andy Partridge
    Andy Partridge
  • Anne Wood
    Anne Wood
  • McCulloch portrait
    McCulloch portrait
  • Carol Smillie
    Carol Smillie
  • Blashford Snell
    Blashford Snell
  • Desmond Morris
    Desmond Morris
  • Ian McEwan
    Ian McEwan
  • Healey and Lawson
    Healey and Lawson
  • John Le Carre
    John Le Carre